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NBA Executive Reveals Why The Boston Celtics Will Remain In Kevin Durant Trade Rumors: “Jaylen Brown Is The Single Best Player We’ve Heard Tied To This Thing, So Brooklyn Has To Keep That Alive."

Kevin Durant and Jaylen Brown

In the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, the Brooklyn Nets have a number of different suitors. While they've talked to practically every team in the league already, there are really only a handful of organizations with both the means and the assets to pull off a deal.

The Boston Celtics, whether they want it or not, are one of those teams and will likely remain tied to this situation until Durant gets moved.

The reason, as explained by one league executive, has to do with Jaylen Brown and his possible inclusion in any offer.

(via Heavy)

“Jaylen Brown is the single best player we’ve heard tied to this thing, so Brooklyn has to keep that alive. I still don’t know how real that is, and, trust me, we’ve been trying to find out for our own sake. There may be nothing there at all, or maybe there’s something if Brooklyn gets back to reality with what they’re asking for. But unless they can find another deal for Durant or they work things out with him, a team like Boston is stuck in this — the rumors and the whispers around the league at least — because they’ve got really good players.”

“I’m sure Brad (Stevens, president of basketball operations) has talked to Brown and they’re all cool, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t going to be uncomfortable.”

The fact of the matter is, the Nets would be hard-pressed to find any offer better than what the Celtics can offer. With a potential package of Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and multiple picks, that might be the deal worth taking if you're Brooklyn.

While it might not quite meet the original asking price by GM Sean Marks and team owner Joe Tsai, it's probably the best on the table right now, and it's why the Celtics are going to be involved in these rumors until Durant is off the table.

Brown, 25, averaged 23.6 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game on 47.3% shooting last season.