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NBA Executive Says Front Offices Are 'Scared To Death' Of Kyrie Irving: "He’s A Guy That Front Offices Don’t Trust. Coaches Don’t Want To Deal With Him."

Kyrie Irving

As the Kyrie Irving situation continues in Brooklyn, the rest of the league is paying attention to what the Nets will do with their controversial player. After stating he wouldn't get the COVID-19 vaccine, reports suggested he could leave the Nets via trade, but the team isn't engaged in those talks. 

They have received calls from other franchises, but the Nets aren't actively trying to ship the All-Star point guard. Furthermore, Kyrie's image around the league isn't the best, and not so many teams would like to have him on the payroll. 

According to Mike Scotto of HoopsHype, several teams are 'scared to death' of Kyrie Irving, given the player controversies during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics and now Brooklyn Nets.

However, it’s the baggage that comes with Irving off the court that gives teams a strong pause when debating a trade to acquire him.

“For the most part, every front office and coaching staff is scared to death of him and doesn’t want to touch him,” one NBA executive told HoopsHype. “Honestly, it might’ve been four teams before this (his refusal to get vaccinated). He’s a guy that front offices don’t trust. Coaches don’t want to deal with him. Players like him.”

Kyrie has an incredible talent and can bring a lot to the table, but his antics off the court often overshadow the good things he's done on the floor. He's only 29 and can contribute to the Nets or any other team in the association, but his talents aren't the issue here. 

Irving has stated he won't lose millions over this situation, but hasn't changed his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine or explained what he'll do to return to the court. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets are finally getting things going. Even though they lost against the Chicago Bulls on Monday, they are showing a better face in recent games. 

Still, having Irving on the court will give them the boost they need to compete for the championship, but that decision belongs to the player.