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NBA Executive Says Kyrie Irving And D’Angelo Russell Are ‘Divas’

(via The Big Lead)

(via The Big Lead)

High maintenance superstars are just a given in this league. While these strong personalities may complicate things in the long-haul, their talent on the court is usually what matters.

This is the case for D'Angelo Russell And Kyrie Irving, two-star point guards who are hitting free agency this summer. In a discussion about which of the two would be a better fit in Los Angeles, Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus noted their taste for the dramatic, and how it might affect their free agency this summer.

One executive said: "They're both divas, but Irving takes it to another level. Russell may be high-maintenance, but he's no Kyrie."

Never mind; the Lakers aren't a franchise to shy away from strong, unique personalities. Irving is still just 27, although he's had some knee issues, and so has the 23-year-old Russell.

D'Angelo Russell went viral during his tenure in L.A. for what the world dubbed the "snitch scandal," in which he exposed his teammate Nick Young for cheating on his girlfriend at the time. As for Irving, no explanation is really necessary.

From his flat-earth antics to his mysterious and sudden departure from Cleveland, and now to his confusing exit from the Celtics. Kyrie is one weird dude.

And while the Lakers are still expected to pursue these guys if they can, they should probably think twice before offering either a max deal. After all, did they not try out the whole "strong personality" roster last season? That whole Lance Stephenson/JaVale McGee/Rajon Rondo thing blew up in their face.

No doubt, the Lakers will have to take a lot into consideration when they decide what to do with their remaining $20+ million in cap space this summer.