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NBA Executives Believe RJ Barrett Has More Trade Value Than Tyler Herro Right Now

RJ Barrett and Tyler Herro

RJ Barrett and Tyler Herro improved their levels this past NBA season, becoming important players on their teams, making headlines every now and then, displaying their quality and confirming that they can be figures on their current squads or somewhere else. 

After their good performances, both these players have been drawing attention around the league, and their teams were expected to make some trade involving them, but not every team sees them with the same eyes. 

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, a group of executives was asked about their perception of Barrett and Herro, with many of them pointing out that the New York Knicks standout holds more value than the Miami Heat sharpshooter right now. Given that these teams are reportedly interested in Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell, it's important to know which piece they could move to unlock negotiations.

“Utah’s appetite for Barrett as the key ingredient in a Mitchell trade is unclear,” Fischer wrote. “But an unofficial B/R poll of over two dozen NBA executives at Summer League this week indicated Barrett boasts a greater trade value across the league than Miami’s best blue-chip prospect, Tyler Herro, by a wide margin, particularly because of Barrett’s improving strengths on the defensive end.”

Even though this is interesting, the New York Knicks are said to be reluctant to deal Barrett, even if that means missing out on Donovan Mitchell. They know that the former No. 3 overall pick is getting better and can lead this squad in the future, so getting rid of him is not a likely possibility right now. 

Then again, adding Mitchell is a big desire for the Knickerbockers for a while now, and they could find a different way to land the shooting guard and pair him with Barrett in Madison Square Garden.