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NBA Executives Claim Russell Westbrook Does Not Make The Rockets Better



The acquisition of Russ instilled a new sense of hope for the Rockets. After years of falling short of their goal, they pulled off one of the biggest trades of the summer by swapping Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook, former NBA MVP and former teammate of James Harden.

But will it really change anything?

According to some NBA executives, it won't make them that much better.

(via Ethan Strauss of The Athletic)

Survey says … the Rockets won’t take off. No executive I asked believes that the Rockets are better for the Russell Westbrook/Chris Paul exchange. As one executive said, “I think they’re about the same, just another year older. It will be interesting to see how they share the court.”

This past season, Houston was routed by the Warriors for the second-straight year. Things got worse after the season ended when tensions between Chris and James were made public. According to Daryl Morey and others within the organization, there was no way to repair the relationship.

Thus, they took to the trade market, where they struck gold in Oklahoma City. Now reunited, the former teammates are insisting things will be different.

Still, people have their doubts. How will their personalities fit? How will their playstyles work together? It will be interesting to see how these things develop in Houston...