NBA Executives, Coaches, and Agents, Believe Kevin Durant Is Going To The Knicks

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Kevin Durant

As March comes to a close, the upcoming decision of Kevin Durant is not far ahead now. All season long, folks were driving the narrative that Durant was leaving the Warriors -- for the Knicks, of all places. The community has been, understandably, hesitant to fully buy in.

The Warriors are the league's Golden-boy. The best team in a world-class organization playing for some of the greatest fans on earth. The Knicks, meanwhile, lie in ruin following a stretch of miserable seasons.

But in what several inside sources told Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, the "rumors," are not just some made up fantasy scenario.

People are convinced Kevin Durant is headed to New York. Perhaps to repair his legacy? Perhaps to usher in a new challenge? Maybe to experience the bright lights of New York City? To pick the Knicks despite being pursued by pretty much every other team with cap space would be a big move.

Whatever the case, big things are likely in store for the Knicks this summer. Like it or not, they may finally be on the verge of landing their franchise superstar. At least, if we are to believe the scouts, executives, and agents...