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NBA Executives Say It's Only A Matter Of Time Before Luke Walton Is Replaced


Once again, LeBron James is proving to be the difference maker for his team. After being sidelined with a groin injury during Tuesday night's matchup against the Warriors, LeBron has missed the past two games, and the Lakers have lost both in pretty ugly fashion.

The offense has looked stagnant, the defense has soured, and the team just seems lost without LeBron. It's moments like these where coach Luke Walton must find himself fearing what might lie ahead. Because, unless you're new around here, you've heard all the rumors.

The margin for error is thin for Luke because he was never Magic's guy to begin with. Besides Jeanie Buss, who's the only reason he hasn't been swapped out yet, the rest of the Lakers brass don't see Walton as the right fit for this team.

The latest report Chris Sheridan only confirms what we've been hearing.

NBA executives are convinced that Luke Walton will see his last games for the Lakers before too long. There's only so long Jeanie can protect him.

What's interesting is the information Sheridan provides on a possible replacement for Walton: Mark Jackson. He's directly connected to the team, has previous coaching experience, and probably fits the mold of what Magic thinks of as an elite coach.

At this point, as more reports and rumors come out, it's looking less and less likely that Luke Walton stays in that coaching chair for very long. Hopefully, he proves them wrong, but the team will have to stop losing games as frequently as they have.