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NBA Executives Think Carmelo Anthony Can Still Play In The League Under Certain Conditions

(via Hoops Rumors)

(via Hoops Rumors)

We’re a few weeks away from the start of NBA training camps, and future Hall of Famer Carmelo Anthony can’t find a new team in the league. Melo has shown his willingness to have a diminished role at any team as long as he gets another shot in the league, but it looks like that hasn’t been enough for the small forward.

David Aldridge of The Athletic asked a dozen coaches and team executives if Melo still has a place in the NBA and basically got a lot of “Yes, but…” answers.

Current NBA head coach: “Yes, with the right team. A vet team. Also, a team that is not looking at analytics. He is still a talent.”

Anthony received good comments, but most of the answers were filled with doubt given how things ended during his last two stops in the league. He was on the bench during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s playoff run in 2018 and then was waived by the Houston Rockets after only 10 games last year.

There are a lot of questions surrounding the veteran and his future, which makes things even harder for him.

Eastern Conference executive: “It’s all about if he will accept a role. (He can be an) off the bench scorer and locker room positive influence. He could make $5-7 million.”

Western Conference assistant coach: “I think he COULD. The issue might be his willingness to accept a certain type of role. It’s tough to take away minutes from a young ‘up and comer’ for ‘Melo right now, and risk limiting that young player’s growth curve because of it. I think that might be the thought across the board (even for contending teams). Someone might look to add him for a deep playoff run later though. I LOVE ‘Melo too, FYI!”

Melo is still good, he can score and can be helpful for any team that decides to bring him in, but he’s not the same player he used to be, his skills and efficiency have dropped and nobody wants him to be the focal point of the offense anymore.

He’s believed to get another chance in the league eventually. When that time arrives, we’ll see if he can live up to his words of taking a minor role.