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NBA Executives Think Montrezl Harrell And Patrick Beverley Are Not Good Enough If The Clippers Want To Win A Championship

Credit: Los Angeles Clippers

Credit: Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are widely-considered as the biggest favorites to win the NBA title next June alongside their city neighbors, the Lakers. The Clippers have collected a couple of Ws this week, but some say they need to part with two players to increase their championship hopes.

Despite the relatively good moment they are living right now, some anonymous NBA executives believe players like Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley might prove to be the weakest spot on their roster.

“Harrell is a disaster if they have to play the Nuggets in the playoffs. Their best bet is Ivica Zubac, but he can’t get out to Nikola Jokic on the perimeter,” said another former executive, via Eric Pincus of B/R. “Is Montrezl big enough to play against the Lakers and the Jazz?”

Harrell is one of the most important players on the Clips’ roster right now, but those claims aren’t completely wrong. His size (he stands at just 6-foot-7) could become a big problem in the playoffs when they need the best pieces available.

Just like Harrell, Beverley is a big figure for the Clippers, but some still believe he’s lacking something to take his game and his team’s to the next level.

“They need another playmaker. Patrick Beverley isn’t a point guard. They’re too reliant on Lou, Kawhi and George to create for others. They go on long scoring droughts. They need more size, and they’re not getting a lot out of their bench outside of Lou and Trez,” said a Western Conference executive. “They may be able to beat the Lakers in a series, but will they get that far?”

The trade deadline is approaching, so it would be interesting to see what moves some teams are going to make.