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NBA Executives Think The "Big Three" Era Will Return

(via Daily Express)

(via Daily Express)

In the wake of the summer of 2019, an unprecedented number of stars were on the move, either by trade or via free agency. The aftermath was a league no longer dominated by trios of stars, as it had been for years, but rather dominated by dynamic duos who were ready to take advantage of the changing landscape.

The "three" became the "two," and the NBA is seeing a new, heightened level of parity as a result.

But will it last? According to NBA executives around the league, a new "Big Three" will soon rise again.

(via ESPN)

 There are lots of pathways to a championship. Each one is a long shot. Each requires luck. But hoarding three stars probably brings both the highest floor and the highest ceiling for most teams.

Most executives around the league think the Big Two trend was largely random and anticipate another Big Three soon. Some expect that the current Big Three vacuum might inspire something of a race -- one that could take multiple years, but still -- to create the next one.

They are probably right, even if it might cost some team depth they took great pride in building.

It sounds as if the absence of a superteam will trigger an arms race to build the next superteam. After all, it only takes one trade, one draft, to start the process.

Throughout the years, feelings towards these star trios have been mixed. Some hail the display of "excellence," and appreciate the process of putting together such a team. Others despite it for adding unbalance and eliminating parity.

Whatever your opinions are, perhaps we shouldn't get used to this new era of duos. Because, no matter how good they are, teams are always looking for more -- and it's only a matter of time until they find it.