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NBA Expert Explains Why Kobe Was At The Lakers Game On Sunday

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Many were in attendance to witness the Lakers' 122-101 rout of the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday. Among them was Lakers legend, and former LeBron rival, Kobe Bryant. At some point during the match, the two exchanged pleasantries and Bron had plenty to say about Kobe after the game.

As Ramona Shelburne points out on the Jump, Bryant's appearance at the game and his interaction with James was significant in more ways than one. To date, it's the only time Bryant has gone strictly as a fan since his retirement in 2016, and it was because his daughter wanted to go.

Apparently, Kobe and his daughter were hanging out in the city when she told him she wanted to go to the game, and he obliged. The rest is history.

As he and LeBron shared that exchange, he seemed to endorse his arrival, seemingly putting aside any previous rivalry they may have had. It was an important moment.

Since LeBron arrived in Los Angeles, there has always been a feeling of angst, especially from Kobe fans, that he would overshadow their favorite stars. And while Bron has certainly performed well so far, it doesn't seem like he is out to destroy anyone's legacy.

As for Kobe, the guy was just trying to make his daughter happy.