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NBA Fan Almost Fooled Everyone With Montrezl Harrell NFSW Message On Billboard

NBA Fan Almost Fooled Everyone With Montrezl Harrell NFSW Message On Billboard

Montrezl Harrell surprised a lot of people over the weekend, where he decided to keep his talents in Los Angeles, just not on the Clippers. Harrell, instead, joined the Los Angeles Lakers after a very complicated 2019/20 season with the Clippers. Everybody was shocked by the news, but Lakers fans can't be happier about it.

For instance, one fan made an edit on a billboard, putting a picture of Harrell with an NSFW message that caught the NBA community off guard. Plenty of people started asking if the billboard was real on Instagram. Well, it is fake, but the result was impressive given all the doubts it created.

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Harrell recently opened up about his move to the Lakers, revealing that the Lakers wanted him more than the Clippers did.

"If you spend your career in any place long enough, you're going to want to continue playing there and growing there," Harrell said Monday. "Of course, I still have great respect for those guys and for that organization. But as far as if they wanted me back? Obviously, it just doesn't seem that way, does it?"

Harrell stated that he's favoring joining a team that has the same mindset as him, and the Lakers are the perfect one.

"I'm definitely going to be with a team that wanted me and with a group of guys that I'm going to build chemistry with fast," Harrell said.

Lakers fans can't be happier about this situation and the billboard edit. They are living the best time right now with all the problems the Clippers were and are going through and the good moves the purple and gold are making this offseason.