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NBA Fan Explains Why Russell Westbrook Is So Happy: "Because He Doesn't Have To Watch James Harden Dribble For 20 Seconds Every 4 Plays."

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

After just one season, the Harden/Westbrook experiment in Houston has officially come to a close.

Early expectations were high upon Westbrook's arrival last summer, but he just wasn't a good fit from the start, struggling to adapt to his new team and adjusted role next to James Harden. Following their early exit from the postseason, and a formal trade request by Westbrook, he was traded to the Wizards in a point guard swap that included John Wall.

In just his first few days with his new team, fans couldn't help but notice how happy Russ seems with his new team...

On Facebook, one particular fan went so far as to call out James Harden, suggesting that the best part about Westbrook's new start is the fact he'll no longer have to deal with the Rockets superstar and his controversial playstyle.


Entering his 13th season, Russell Westbrook is hungry for a Championship, and many have their doubts that it will ever come in Washington. But there are reasons to believe Russ and the Wizards could surprise a lot of people this season. Not only do they have depth in guys like Rui Hachimura, Thomas Bryant, and Davis Bertans, Russ and Wizards head coach Scott Brooks have a history together. Of course, their new duo in Russ and Beal is the most intriguing thing about this Wizards team.

On our list of the best duos for the 2020-21 season, Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal are 7th in the NBA, as Westbrook's finishing ability should make an ideal pairing alongside Beal's perimeter shooting.

As for what Westbrook himself can do to silence some of the haters, he'll have to remind them why it is he's an 8x All-Star, 9x All-NBA player, 2x Scoring Champ, and former NBA MVP. If he wants to be the best version of himself this upcoming season, he'll need to adjust his game -- slow down, shoot better, and work on his efforts defensively. But as long as he carries that same level of intensity, he'll always be a force to be reckoned with.

We will see soon enough how far he'll be able to take the Wizards this season.