NBA Fan Hilariously Compares Kevin Durant To Andrei Kirilenko: "Kevin Durant Without A Superteam"

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Kevin Durant is well known for being part of some prominent teams currently, and in the past. Prior to the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant was part of the Golden State Warriors super team, which resulted in two championships. He has managed to find himself as the best player on a superteam once again on the Brooklyn Nets, teaming up with elite players like Kyrie Irving and James Harden.

An NBA has recently compared Kevin Durant without a superteam to a former Brooklyn Nets player, Andrei Kirilenko. Andrei Kirilenko was a great player during his time in Utah but was definitely a shell of his former self in Brooklyn. The comparison was obviously a joke, meant to highlight Durant creating superteams in order to win championships. NBA fans reacted to the comparison accordingly. Here are some of the best reactions.

Needless to say, most people realize that Andrei Kirilenko isn't as good as Kevin Durant. Some people pointed to Durant's MVP season and his ability to carry a team to the Finals at a young age, to go against the superteam argument. While Kevin Durant hasn't won a title without the help of a superteam, he still managed to have success in the playoffs even without one. The Tweet is hilarious for the joke factor: but everyone knows how good Durant truly is.