NBA Fan Meet Chris Paul On The Street: 'CP3 Take Out LeBron First Round'

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NBA players often find themselves in hilarious situations, especially when they run into fans. We've seen plenty of these cases in the past, which won't stop happening. 

Recently, one fan ran into Chris Paul on the streets of Phoenix, showing his excitement for meeting the Suns' point guard. Redditor "Big-Hunchho" shared a video of a Suns fan walking beside CP3, praising the player for eliminating LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers in the 2021 NBA playoffs. 

After saying 'hi' to the Point God, the fan said the Suns are going to the Finals before turning his attention to Paul again. He even yelled at the player to get some words out of it before saying he was living an unreal moment. 

The NBA community reacted to this video, of course, having different reactions to these antics. While some mocked the fan, saying he looks like Jake from State Farms, others noticed how awkward he could have made the situation. The rest even joked about the Suns' chances to make it to the Finals. 

This felt aggressive, honourable and calm all in one 😂

This dude is dressed like Jake from State Farm.

It was like a mix of all, after they stopped running you can sense the switch

Cp3 was really nice to him what a good guy
You mean Rajon Rondo

Cp3 vs Blake griffin finals - who wouldn't want to see that?

Suns vs Steve Nash and Dantoni who wouldn’t want to see that. Cp3 v Blake would be cool too.

Damn imagine getting to meet your hero Rondo out in the wild like this.

Jake from state farm meets his buddy on the street.

CP3 was pretty nice to him, considering.

CP3 tryna run from this dude like Lebron ran from his teammates in game 5

“I never thought I would have this moment” CP3 wishing he never would have that moment.

You don't run into Chris Paul every day. That is true, but it's normal to see fans not knowing how to react when they meet their idols for the first time. This time, CP3 kept it cool, smiling and confirming he's one of the most easy-going guys in the league.