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NBA Fan On Dwight Howard And Anthony Davis Comparison: 'This Is Insulting To Prime Dwight. He Led His Team To A Finals, Beat The Big 3 Celtics And LeBron.'

Credit: HoopCentral

Credit: HoopCentral

Debates don't stop in the NBA and even less when you try to compare one current player to one from the past or one version of one player to the best one of a veteran. Hypothetical scenarios make the hottest debates in the league and in recent hours, we saw one regarding former teammates Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard.

During his best years, Howard was the best center in the NBA. He did a lot of great things with the Orlando Magic and even though his tenure with the team didn't end the best way, Howard left his mark on the franchise, leading them to the NBA Finals.

One NBA fan brought up an old debate between Prime Dwight and current Anthony Davis, saying it was insulting for the former since he had led his team to the Finals in 2009 after beating the Big 3 Boston Celtics and LeBron James on his way to the big series.

Needless to say, that sparked a huge debate, with some fans saying Howard didn't actually beat the Big 3 Celtics, others defending him and some claimed they would pick Anthony Davis regardless of what Howard did.

These debates have gotten hotter and hotter over the course of the years and nobody actually knows what could have happened if these two went at it during their best years. Last season they played together and we all witnessed what happened; they won a championship for the Lakers after a 10-year drought.