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NBA Fan Posts A Hilarious Meme About Ben Simmons Getting Back To Brooklyn From Vacation

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Ben Simmons was traded to the Brooklyn Nets at the 2021 trade deadline, being swapped in a package for star point guard James Harden. There's no doubt that this was a good trade for the Brooklyn Nets, as Ben Simmons is a young star who already is an elite defender.

While the trade itself was clearly the right move for the Nets, it is quite possible that their roster will look massively different by next season, which is when Ben Simmons will return. A previous report revealed that Kevin Durant is currently considering his future with the team, and that fact has also opened up the door for a potential Kyrie Irving trade. It is quite possible that next season, Ben Simmons may be the lone All-Star on the franchise.

An NBA fan posted a meme in response to Ben Simmons' situation, using the "Will Smith empty house" meme, from the TV show Prince of Bel-Air. The post went viral, and many fans expressed their opinions on the matter.

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Hopefully, the Brooklyn Nets are able to figure things out with both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. They should in theory be a very good team when healthy, as they will have three All-Stars on the roster. They had a variety of things derail their season this year, but perhaps a healthy offseason and everyone consistently playing will make them a better team next year.

Ben Simmons does a lot of things well, but his one weakness is definitely scoring the basketball, in particular from the perimeter. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving can mask that weakness and with those two, he will be able to focus on just playing defense and being an elite slasher and facilitator.

Perhaps we will see Ben Simmons thrive on the Brooklyn Nets next season. However, his job will be a lot more difficult if Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant aren't on the roster, so let's hope that the Nets retain both of them.