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NBA Fan Posts A Viral Photo Describing Kevin Durant's Decision To Leave The Brooklyn Nets

Draymond Green Defends Kevin Durant In An Argument With An NBA Fan On Twitter: "You Are Pretty Dumb Sir."

Kevin Durant sent the NBA world into a frenzy the moment he demanded a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Given that Kyrie Irving had signed a new deal after a plethora of transfer rumors, the Nets looked all set to compete with KD, Kyrie, and their recent additions, Ben Simmons and Seth Curry. 

But all the hopes of Nets fans were shattered the moment Durant demanded a trade from the Nets. This opened the flood gates of NBA Twitter. While many Nets fans were disappointed with how things transpired, many others were busy clowning the team and especially the superstars like Kyrie and Durant.

One fan, however, had a hilarious picture as a reaction to Durant asking for a trade. Captioned as 'Kevin Durant every time there's a minor inconvenience,' the picture showed a game menu screen with the cursor at Change Team.

Many fans certainly had their fair share of laughs with the meme.

Durant, over the years, has developed a reputation of being a bit impatient and leaving teams much before any other superstar would. This first happened with the Oklahoma City Thunder when Durant was frustrated with the lack of championships with the roster. Even though OKC was just one game away from the 2016 Finals, KD decided that joining the Warriors would be a better move for him.

The move certainly worked out for him, but for the Thunder, things got only worse with the Westbrook-led team never really achieving much success. It was a similar trail in Dubs. While his first two seasons were a dream run, he decided that his time with the Warriors was over the moment he suffered a season-ending injury, and the Warriors lost in the 2019 Finals. Given the team's talent, staying with the franchise might have reaped some more championships, but Durant was up for a new challenge.

Now with the Nets, it seems like the 2014 MVP is getting impatient again and is searching for a team that can help him get his elusive third championship. While Brooklyn, on paper, has built a contender, Durant's decision might start a chain reaction for the franchise, which might end up trading another superstar, too, in Kyrie Irving. Where do you think Durant will end up in this incredible trade saga?