NBA Fan Posts Hilarious Photo Of The Lakers In 20 Years

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Credit: u/StoneColdAM

Credit: u/StoneColdAM

NBA fans have a lot of free time right now, and some find very interesting ways to kill some of that. One of them imagined how some of the current Lakers figures will look in 20 years and the results are hilarious. 

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Alex Caruso and Frank Vogel are all featured in this picture that shows them as elders, with some changes in their physics. 

Bron appears to have given up on his hair while AD is apparently on the same route. Caruso grew a beard and Vogel is trying to emulate the first two players. 

Credit: u/StoneColdAM

Credit: u/StoneColdAM

In 20 years, James will be 56, Davis 48, Caruso 27 and Vogel 67. They will probably be remembered as Lakers' icons after all the good things they've done for the squad in the past couple of years. 

This season, they are trying to win back-to-back NBA championships, although their regular season was full of ups and downs. 

They are trying to beat the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the postseason, leading their series 2-1. Perhaps, in 20 years, the Lakers fans will remember this season as the one where the lowest-seed ever won the NBA championship, but time will tell if they're able to pull this off. 

**Credit: u/StoneColdAM**