NBA Fan Posts Hilarious Tweet: "This Is Who NBA Twitter Wants KD To Win A Title With..."

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(via DRGuru_)

(via DRGuru_)

It's no secret that NBA superstar Kevin Durant has had a lot of help in his bid to win a title this season. After pairing him up with Kyrie in 2019, the Nets have since gone out and acquired James Harden, Blake Griffin, and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Long story short, the Nets are absolutely stacked, and it seems that (once again) Kevin Durant is the driving force behind the creation of a monster superteam.

NBA fans, who blasted Durant for joining the Warriors in 2016, are once again on his tail, criticizing the guy for "ruining the league." But some are fighting back against that narrative, like Twitter user "DrGuru," who posted a funny but accurate Tweet about what people expect from Durant.

For those that don't know, the "players" featured in that picture are roster fill-ins in the popular video game, NBA 2K. When a particular team doesn't have all of the real players on the roster, these guys (who are bare-bones, featureless drones) will get plugged in by the game, for the sole purpose of making sure each team has the required amount of players available. The point by the original poster seems to be that people want Durant to win with no-name, similarly talentless teammates. The thing is, nobody is quite expecting that. There is denying that every star needs a strong supporting cast to be successful. And, for some, Durant cannot be to blame for simply trying to make his team the best they can be. For others, though, he has just gone way too far in trying to make his path to a title as easy as possible...

Where is the line when it comes to stacking the deck? Nobody was hating on Durant when it was just him and Kyrie at the beginning of the season. Somewhere along the line, though, they made one too many moves -- and now, Durant and his squad have become the biggest villains in the NBA.