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NBA Fan Posts Stats About Michael Jordan, Saying "This List Is Proof That He Is Not A Human"

The Oldest NBA Players Who Won The Scoring Title: Michael Jordan Is No. 1, No. 2 And No. 3

There are many stats about Michael Jordan that explain how great the Chicago Bulls player was. The six-time NBA champion stated he never played for the stats, but while trying to win, MJ put up incredible numbers that made him the greatest player of all time. 

Even though we know how great he is, fans still get surprised by Jordan's talents and all the things he did on the court on his way to becoming one of the most honored players to set foot on an NBA court. 

Recently, one NBA fan shared a list of the players with the most games with 5+ steals and 5+ blocks, which featured several big names. The list is led by Houston Rockets legend Hakeem Olajuwon, who recorded this type of game 22 times, 17 more than the second one, David Robinson. 

MJ did it three times, which is already impressive. However, the best part of this is that he's the only guard on the list, which is full of centers and forwards. 

Most games with 5+ steals & 5+ blocks

Hakeem Olajuwon - 22

David Robinson - 5

Ben Wallace - 4

Anthony Davis - 3

Michael Jordan - 3

Andrei Kirilenko - 3

Draymond Green - 2

Dwight Howard - 2

Michael Jordan is the only guard on this list that's impressive. 

Another fan reacted to that, saying that Jordan is not human for achieving this, which wasn't easy for a lot of players. He was an offensive force, but MJ was also a beast on defense. 

Mike being on this list is proof he’s not human 👽

This is indeed proof of how great Jordan was and all the things he could do on the court. His Airness never ran away from a challenge, no matter how hard it was. He is probably the greatest scorer of all time, but also a terrific defender who could change the result of a game with his skills on the less glamorous side of the ball. Jordan is often considered a God-like figure and it's stuff like this that makes people think they watched somebody from another planet wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey.