NBA Fan Responds To Ja Morant: "Stop Being Crazy. You Ain’t No All-Star. You Weren’t Even In Consideration."

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(via The Spun)

(via The Spun)

There have been many controversies surrounding the NBA All-Star voting results, and Grizzlies' Ja Morant is at the center of the latest one.

After finding out he was not selected as a Western Conference All-Star reserve, he responded on Twitter with a simple one-word statement...

Morant has every reason to feel disrespected. He's having a pretty good season, posting 19.1 points and 7.9 assists for the 10th place Grizzlies. Still, some fans find that notion ridiculous -- with one Twitter user going so far as to call Ja "crazy" for daring to think he got snubbed.

In the comment section, fans were pretty split on whether or not Morant is deserving enough.

Statistically, Ja certainly looks like an All-Star. But, when you look at just how loaded the Western Conference backcourt is, it makes sense he didn't get in.

Steph Curry, Luka Doncic, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, and Chris Paul are all more deserving -- and the same can be said for Devin Booker.

In the end, the West is just too good, and Morant just didn't do enough to warrant replacing someone else.

Still, it doesn't mean he can't be upset about it.