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NBA Fan Savagely Roasts Ben Simmons: "The Sixers Front Office Really Needs To Consider Hiring Kendall Jenner. My Girl Had No Problem Trading Ben Simmons For A Superstar."


Ben Simmons is the talk of the town right now, and every day, more rumors and speculation surface about his future in the NBA. But that's not the only common thing for the point guard in recent days. 

He's been the subject of jokes and memes. That doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon, as fans come up with great jokes every day. Recently, Molly Morrison reminded everybody that Kendall Jenner broke up with Simmons and found a 'superstar' in Devin Booker, who played in the 2021 NBA Finals. 

According to Morrison, the Sixers need to hire Kendall to do their job and pull the trigger on a potential Ben Simmons trade. 

"at this point, the sixers front office really needs to consider hiring kendall jenner. my girl had no problem trading ben simmons for a superstar," the Twitter personality wrote. 

This tweet went viral, and plenty of fans reacted to it, mocking Simmons even more and telling Morrison she didn't need to do him that dirty. 

Simmons' future is still up in the air. His last two seasons have seen him decreased his level, especially in the playoff. His shooting struggles are more visible than ever, and even he promised he'll get better this offseason, fans are really skeptical that he'll make a lot of progress. 

This offseason will present a lot of questions for the Sixers and their star point guard. They can run it back next season, but the relationship of the player with the team, coach Doc Rivers and the fans isn't the best