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NBA Fan Saw James Harden And Asked Him: "You Gonna Stay In Houston, Bruh?"

NBA Fan Saw James Harden And Asked Him: "You Gonna Stay In Houston, Bruh?"

Everybody wants to know what is going on with James Harden, especially the Houston Rockets and their front office. The All-Star shooting guard has been the face and soul of the franchise for the last eight years and now he reportedly wants out of the team.

Harden has been doing any kind of activities that can put him at risk but he doesn't seem to care too much. Last week he celebrated rapper Lil Baby's birthday and when the Rockets waited for him for practice, Harden was in Las Vegas, a strip club, doing something that the NBA prohibited earlier in the week.

People need answers and one fan curiously ran into Harden and tried to talk with the player but that wasn't a possibility for him. He spotted Harden talking on the phone and asked him from his car if he was staying in Houston. Then one of Harden's bodyguards showed up and asked the fan to keep driving and let the man alone; this fan wasn't having any of that and he was about to get off his car before the cellphone stopped recording.

Reports suggest Harden now wants to join another contender, not just the Brooklyn Nets. The player has been the most famous name in the league for quite some time and this saga is still developing. Nobody knows what is going to happen with him this campaign but the Rockets fans are already tired of his attitude.