NBA Fan Says He Misses The Era Of NBA Twitter: 'Anthony Davis "OMG A RT From LeBron James Would Be So Freaking Awesome"'

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NBA Fan Says He Miss The Era Of NBA Twitter: 'Anthony Davis "OMG A RT From LeBron James Would Be So Freaking Awesome"'l

NBA Twitter is a place where fans gather to troll and discuss current issues in the league. Things have changed on the platform now, as back in the day, we had a lot of players sharing their thoughts with fans, writing the most random thing they could think of and that was really entertaining.

It feels like fans have been feeling nostalgic and one remembered how things were during the 'good old days' of Twitter. Players like Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, James Harden and Russell Westbrook had very interesting and fun things to say, sharing tweets that have transcended time.

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NBA fans remembered those times, joking about the tweets, calling out new fans, and more.

In recent days, we've remembered old tweets that aged good or bad, especially from Kevin Durant and his rant about superteams and Andre Drummond saying his dream is to play alongside LeBron James, which he can do this season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

NBA Twitter was wild back then and fans really wanted to remember that. It was good times but all these players have grown and now are different people, with different mentalities and more responsibilities, that's why you don't see them all the time on social media.