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NBA Fan Says LeBron James Wore The GOAT Logo On His Jersey

Credit: MJs GOAT

Credit: MJs GOAT

Michael Jordan and his worldwide famous Jordan brand made history this season, as they will be featured on every single NBA team jersey this campaign. Before the season, it was announced that Jordan Brand would be featured in every "Statement Edition" jersey of all 30 NBA teams.

The Los Angeles Lakers wore that jersey on Friday, with Jordan's logo drawing more attention than expected. Famous Twitter account "@MjsGoat" didn't miss its opportunity and took a jab at LeBron while reminding everybody who is the GOAT.

"Add this to MJs Resume ..." the person behind the account tweeted with a picture of the Lakers Jersey with Jordan's logo.

That tweet sparked the debate and NBA fans started defending their favorite player. People pointed out that LeBron probably didn't care, others claimed that was the last thing MJ needed to do in order to confirm his status as GOAT and more.

This debate has been a recurrent topic in the NBA for some time now. LeBron's career has been linked with Jordan since the very beginning. They played a series of pickup games when James was very young and according to Bron, he and Jordan were the perfect duo, going unbeaten. They have been spotted together a few times, including one time where they tookone of the best pics in basketball history.

These two players will go down as probably the best two players in history. They have done a lot of things on the court and nobody can talk about greatness without mentioning LeBron James and Michael Jordan. No wonder they would create the greatest squad of all time if they played together.