NBA Fan Secretly Recorded Ben Simmons Missing A Lot Of Floaters During Practice


Ben Simmons can't catch a break this season. The Philadelphia 76ers point guard has been under fire all season long due to his shooting woes. The criticism has reached its peak this playoff, where he's mightily struggled to sink those shots, especially against the Atlanta Hawks. 

Ahead of Game 6 between the Philadelphia 76ers and Atlanta Hawks, Simmons was recorded by one fan who blasted him for being such a bad shooter. While Ben practiced his floaters, this person went after him, wondering how one NBA player struggled so hard to make simple shots. 

Ever since his rookie season, Ben has been criticized. Fans are tired of seeing him promise that he will start making 3s, and he will get better at the line every season. After Redditor "RunThePnR" shared the video, the community went after the Australian player. 

He out there looking like me

He looks like me trying to shoot with my left hand.

.... because Ben Simmons is also right handed but decides he wants to shoot with his left hand for some reason. Theres a video out there of Simmons shooting free throws at practice right handed and his form is pretty smooth.

I unironically think im a better shooter than Ben Simmons, he’s so f**king bad

Tim Duncan about to beat the sh** out of this guy for desecrating the bank shot so badly

sure we could pile on Ben but I choose to take this opportunity to feel good about how my bank shot compares to the average NBA player in this video

This reminds me of the Curry videos hitting for x minutes straight.

Just different...

He looks like what everyone was worried Fultz was going to turn into.

I really really really don’t want to pile on to the hate but good lord that is atrocious

You need to make this sh** NSFW bro I can’t be seen watching something this disgusting at work

He shoots with the wrong hand. His ambidexterity is acquired, not natural.

$30 million a year. He set for life. I feel like he's one of those dude that hit the nba lottery and say f*** it, just go through the motion.

I'm starting to understand the Ben Simmons hate

Now that Philly is one of the favorites for the title, the pressure is more significant for Simmons. 

Although the Sixers forced Game 7 in their second-round series, plenty of people are convinced that Simmons will be the reason why they won't win the championship this year. He's vowing to improve his free-throw numbers since his rookie year, but it's been the opposite.

He doesn't shoot threes, can't make free throws, and his defense isn't enough to hide the fact that he's not a scoring threat for rivals. Ben has a lot of work to do if he wants to lift his team above the rest of the East and the entire NBA.