NBA Fan Shares A Lamborghini Vehicle With Amazing Michael Jordan Car Wrap

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via @BlvckPharaoh

via @BlvckPharaoh

Michael Jordan has cemented his status as a cultural icon long ago. When we think of the GOAT of basketball, we instantly think of Michael Jordan. He has his own shoe brand and owns an NBA franchise. We see Michael Jordan's imagery in a lot of places, simply because people respect him as an athlete.

Recently, an NBA fan has shared a video of a Lamborghini, which sported some unique Michael Jordan art from Game 6 as part of its look. It is amazing to see the lengths to which people go in order to create a unique car, and this no different. The original Twitter user who shared the vehicle was @AlexMSolana, and his footage shows the side of the car. Another Twitter user, @BlvckPharaoh provided a better look at the car, from a frontal position.

This vehicle is nothing short of amazing. This vehicle features some creative Jordan art and it may well have cost a fortune. This is fandom on another level. Sometimes, modifications to cars don't work out perfectly. But this car with the Michael Jordan wrap is a vehicle that is one of a kind.