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NBA Fan Slams The Lakers After They Expressed Interest In Gary Trent Jr.: "I've Expressed Interest In Zendaya Too But That's Not How It Works Fam."


The Los Angeles Lakers may be hitting the panic button now. Their form has not improved, even halfway through the season. And the roster that they constructed in the offseason, one that they, along with many others, believed could contend for a championship, maybe in line for some alterations.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked with a lot of players in the trade market right now. Most recently, they even tried to trade for Cam Reddish, offering the Hawks two second-round picks. But the Hawks decided to trade Reddish to the New York Knicks instead. It does perfectly exemplify the Lakers’ struggles in the trade market.

Another player the Lakers were recently linked to was Gary Trent Jr. The Raptors player is a solid shooter, especially from beyond the arc. And if they can present the Raptors a solid enough deal, the Lakers may be able to get their man. But just because the Lakers are interested doesn't mean that it makes the deal so cut and dry.

One NBA fan pointed out the ludicrousness of the rumors linking Gary Trent Jr. with the Lakers. He pointed out that he has also expressed interest in being with 'Euphoria' and 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' star Zendaya, but that isn't exactly how things work in the real world.

I've expressed interest in Zendaya too but that's not how it works fam

This fan wasn't the only one from the NBA world to express his interest in Zendaya, as Jordan Poole from the Golden State Warriors also took his shot recently. But in basketball terms, the Lakers' pursuit to land other players may be just as tough.

Upon seeing this hilarious comment from the fan, many others joined him to troll the Lakers and Gary Trent Jr. Here are some of the best comments added by other fans on the fan's comment.

Even though he put his point across in a hilarious way, he does have a valid argument. The Lakers can't just expect to land a player just because they're interested in him. They need to have the assets that other teams consider in order to part ways with certain key players.