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NBA Fan Suggests New Kawhi Logo With The Middle Finger

NBA Fan Suggests New Kawhi Logo With The Middle Finger

Kawhi Leonard and the size of his hands have always been an interesting topic to discuss around the league. He got his nickname 'The Klaw' thanks to it and after several years seeing Leonard's hands, we keep getting surprised every time he high fives a teammate pr grab the ball with one hand.

Moreover, yesterday when we saw Kawhi blocking somebody using only one of his fingers.

That is correct, Kawhi has taken this game to the next level. When Jamal Murray was heading to the rim to dunk the ball, Kawhi came out of nowhere and denied the Nuggets point guard. That would've been a completely normal play but the Klaw used his middle finger and that was enough to stop the young guard.

Everybody was in awe with the forward after that play, including Paul George, who said after the game, “That’s an extra long middle finger — it kept growing or something.”

NBA Twitter also went crazy with Kawhi and one fan actually presented a brand new logo for Leonard after his impressive block. It's basically the same logo but they cut all the fingers except for the middle one. That makes a good effect and describes perfectly how one finger made one of the best plays we've seen in the bubble so far.

The Clippers are now 2-1 up in the series and they look inspired to beat the Nuggets. Kawhi is demonstrating that even when he can't make the plays, his fingers will be there to help the team.