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NBA Fan Takes A Shot At LeBron James: 'Trash Talkers Jordan Had To Face vs. Trash Talkers LeBron Had To Face'

Credit: @MjsGoat

Credit: @MjsGoat

After LeBron James starred in a verbal altercation with some fans sitting courtside during the Lakers trip to Atlanta, everybody had something to say and some fans didn't miss the chance to troll and take a shot at him for the incident.

Some even tried to bring him down and explain why Jordan had harder competition than the King. Twitter account "@MjsGoat" saw an opportunity and they took it, going after LeBron and his unusual and unexpected trash talker, comparing her to the ones Michael Jordan had to face.

That sparked a lot of reactions, with fans claiming Jordan would have taken things personally while others disagreed with the tweet and took shots at MJ, too.

Well, Jordan played with a lot of trash talkers and he played in a different era when everybody was trying to beat everybody and even though you were friends with somebody, they didn't care about that during the game.

Now players are still competitive but they don't have the big mouth they had back in the day, which made Jordan the greatest trash talker of all time. Whenever people name these two players, you know it will create controversy. This was another proof of that, with fans finding new ways to make the case for their favorite players.