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NBA Fan Was Apparently Ready For Some Smoke After Patrick Beverley Shoved Deandre Ayton

NBA Fan Was Apparently Ready For Some Smoke After Patrick Beverley Shoved Deandre Ayton

The Footprint Center almost saw another 'Malice At The Palace' after Patrick Beverley Shoving Deandre Ayton had a fan ready for a smoke if it came down to it.

Beverley may have ended his evening with zero points to contribute, but his prowess on the hardwood came to the fore when he took offense to Ayton standing over Austin Reaves after a hard foul.

Not the one to watch when his teammates get knocked to the ground, the point guard leveled Ayton in the back, and footage of a fan ready to roll up his sleeves and join the brouhaha did the rounds on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Rob Perez who captured the sequence wrote (Via B/R)

love this guy in the white sweatshirt who pulled up onto the court just incase he was needed

Needless to say, the skirmish ended with Beverley ejected and the Lakers going down 115-105, ending their three-game winning streak.

Devin Booker And Monty Williams React To The Patrick Beverley-Deandre Ayton Episode

The Phoenix Suns weren't happy with the entire fiasco and were vocal in expressing their displeasure after the game. 

Devin Booker called out Beverley and hoped that he would have a straight confrontation, while coach Monty Williams felt it was "silly" of the Lakers player. According to CBS Sports:

"[Patrick] needs to stop pushing people in the back," Devin Booker said. "Push them in the chest. That's all I've got to say."

The Lakers camp had a different perspective on the whole episode. Russell Westbrook had his teammate's back. According to Johan Buva of The Athletic:

Russell Westbrook on Patrick Beverley’s ejection: “I love it, personally. Protecting and understanding we have each other’s back is the most important thing as a team.”

The loss against Phoenix puts the Lakers back to 14th place with a 5-11 run. They missed the services of LeBron James but had dominating displays from Anthony Davis and Westbrook, who has been consistent in their star's absence. 

The Lakers play the San Antonio Spurs again in a back-to-back away from home and hope to get back to winning ways and climb up the standings.

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