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NBA Fan Wasn't Happy After Kyrie Irving Told Him He Got Championship For Cleveland: "And It Was Just One"

NBA Fan Wasn't Happy After Kyrie Irving Told Him He Got Championship To Cleveland: "And It Was Just One"

Kyrie Irving starred in a controversial moment with a Cleveland Cavaliers fan on Monday night, when he made his return to Ohio and faced his first team in the NBA. Cleveland fans have reasons to dislike the talented point guard, but Kyrie knows he was fundamental for the team's first and only NBA champion. 

A courtside fan tried to heckle the Brooklyn Nets superstar and he wasn't having it. The veteran isn't afraid of speaking his mind and fired back at whoever tries to damage him, and this fan learned that the hard way. 

Irving reminded them that the Cavs won a championship thanks to him, apparently shutting them up for a while. 

“Got y’all a championship and motherf**kers still ungrateful.”

That wasn't the end of it, as the continuation of the interaction reveals that the fan actually replied to Kyrie. They told the player that he only won one championship, which wasn't enough. 

“And it was just one," the person replied. 

Kyrie made one of the most clutch 3-pointers of all time during Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. He scored a big shot against Stephen Curry, which opened the door for the Cavs to win that title, returning from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. 

Even though he didn't leave on happy terms with the Cavs, he gave his everything for the team and made sure he won at the formerly known Quicken Loans Arena. Now he's going through different challenges, trying to win with Brooklyn. 

Yet, even if he's unable to find success with the Nets, nobody can take away that 2016 championship. He played great basketball in Cleveland and fans enjoyed his performances, so these acts trying to heckle the player are just ridiculous.