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NBA Fan: "What People Will Call Drummond If He Goes To The Nets Vs. What People Will Call Drummond If He Goes To The Lakers..."

(via e11isBK)

(via e11isBK)

Blake Griffin's arrival in Brooklyn has sparked a lot of outrage from the NBA community. Blake, a 6x All-Star, marks the fourth big-name player to join the Nets, and many resent just how good their roster has become.

But perhaps one of the biggest gripes about the move isn't necessarily what it has done to the NBA, but how some of the fans have been interpreting it.

To most, Lakers fans especially, Griffin's move makes the Nets an almost unfairly powerful superteam. Had Griff signed with the Purple and Gold, however, some argue the narrative would have been much different. This inconsistent line of thinking was the subject of one tweet that went viral online:

Needless to say, fans had a field day in the comments...

There seems to be a belief that Lakers fans always make themselves the victims, and match a certain storyline to fit that narrative. When the team signed Marc Gasol, Dennis Schroder, and Montrezl Harrell this summer, there was a strong push back against those who dared to call the roster a "super team."

But, despite Blake Griffin's struggles over the past few years, they seem quick to judge it as a ridiculous attempt by the Nets to assemble a "Warriors 2.0" type dynasty.

Whatever the case, Brooklyn has assembled quite a squad and the Lakers might have no choice but to build a superteam of their own to compete for the title.

We'll see how fans react then.