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NBA Fans Agree With The Chicago Bulls Caption For Michael Jordan And LeBron James

NBA Fans Agree With The Chicago Bulls Caption For Michael Jordan And LeBron James

The GOAT debate takes center stage in NBA conversations more often than not. Fans love nothing more at times than to evaluate who the greatest player to have ever lived is and two names at the forefront of this debate are Michael Jordan and LeBron James. In terms of championship tally, Jordan is ahead of LeBron, but James' playmaking and overall points tally have eclipsed MJ, for example. 

The NBA fanbase regardless of the franchise has differing views on this debate but considering that MJ spent his entire prime with one organization, there is unlikely to be any Bulls fans that even entertain this comparison, let alone argue for LeBron. Jordan brought the city of Chicago 6 titles in 8 seasons, a period of dominance no city except Boston has been able to enjoy in the NBA. 

Naturally, this means that he is the undisputed GOAT in Chicago, something that the Bulls were sure to reinforce on Instagram during All-Star Weekend. LeBron James and Michael Jordan were both a part of the festivities as the NBA honored its Top 75 players of all time, and the two were spotted having an animated discussion. The Bulls posted the photo with a subtly suggestive but firm caption. 

"🐐 x Lebron James."

The implication that Jordan is the GOAT over LeBron is clear in this situation, and fans were quick to pick up on it in the comments, with many agreeing with the sentiment. 

odawgperry: "Accurate caption."

jaredperry: "The caption tho 👀."

antoniomattarita: "Jordan will forever be the best."

jaws.kicks: "Just one goat... and he played in Chicago."

bkraisedMat: "W caption, it’s factual."

zevinf: "Caption deadass some disrespect and I like it."

muted22: "Jordan better than LeBron."

tnt0929: "A forever accurate caption."

GanstagrammaFlo: "No one better than Michael Jordan."

iand50: "🐐 and some guy named LeBron."

There is a bit of a generational bias that comes into this debate as well, with people that have been fans since the 90s often preferring Jordan to LeBron. LeBron also has a slight advantage considering that his career is not over yet and he can still add to his legacy in the NBA. Comments like this may change in the future in favor of James but he still has a few things to achieve before that can happen.