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NBA Fans And Media React After Warriors Lose By 53 Points To The Toronto Raptors

(via The SportsRush)

(via The SportsRush)

The Golden State Warriors are down pretty bad right now.

Even before tonight's game, the Dubs were struggling to play consistent ball, and only really staying afloat due to the brilliance of Steph Curry. Without him, we're getting to see just how bad the team really is.

On Friday, the Warriors faced off against the 11th place Toronto Raptors, losing by a ridiculous margin of 53 points (final score 130-77). All over Twitter, people reacted with jokes, shock, and horror as they made sense of the pathetic performance.

Amazingly, both the Warriors and Raptors were in the Finals just two years ago, clearly the best of the two Conferences.

Now, the Raptors sit at 11th place in the East while the Dubs continue to slide back after a 53 point loss. Crazy how much time can change things, isn't it?