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NBA Fans Are Pissed Off After A Very Questionable Foul Call On Trae Young

Credit: The Boston Globe

Credit: The Boston Globe

Trae Young keeps making headlines and not for the best reasons you can think. The Atlanta Hawks star has confirmed he is real and can become one of the best players in the association with his talents. However, some aspects of his game need to change and it doesn't look like he's working on that.

During the Hawks game against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, he once again pulled his questionable tactics to get fouls, drawing a very questionable call from Jaylen Brown as he drove to the basket. It was a very normal play and the refs granted the foul to Trae, who didn't hesitate and took his free throws.

This play and decision, however, didn't sit well with NBA fans, who took to Reddit and Twitter to blast the players, the officials, and the league for giving very bad calls, especially to this player.

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Young has earned a lot of criticism for his antics on the floor; he recently did this against the New York Knicks and fans had the same reaction. Before that, Steve Nash had called him out for using those tactics but nothing seems to change Young's strategy. As long as he keeps getting the calls, he won't stop and that's the worst part of it.