NBA Fans Are Pissed Off At Stephen A. Smith For Disrespecting Karl Malone And John Stockton

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Fadeaway World 

Fadeaway World 

Stephen A. Smith is under fire after making a bold claim about Donovan Mitchell's status among the Utah Jazz all-time greats. Following Game 2 of the Utah Jazz-Los Angeles Clippers series, the ESPN analyst had big praise for Spida, labeling him the best Jazz player of all time. 

“Donovan Mitchell is D-Wade 2.0. Donovan Mitchell is a closer. Donovan Mitchell is a superstar. Donovan Mitchell is outplaying both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Not one or the other, both of them, and the brother’s only 24,” Smith proclaimed.

“He’s got a J, got a handle, got an NBA body, is strong, can finish at the basket. He take it to the hole, can create his own shot, can hit free throws. There’s nothing this brother cannot do. In Utah, already, I don’t wanna hear about Karl Malone. I don’t wanna hear about John Stockton. That’s the best player in the history of the Jazz organization right there. I just said it, and I ain’t stuttering.”

These words didn't sit well among NBA fans, who went after Stephen A. and his take. NBA Twitter was ruthless, calling him disrespectful and more names. 

Nobody can take anything away from Mitchell, but he's still young and hasn't had a playoffs run like Karl Malone and John Stockton had in 1997 and 1998. Of course, he could finish his career as the greatest Jazz of all time, but it's still early to tell. 

He can have a good run in him this season, which would change things for him compared to the two legends. Meanwhile, there's nobody better than Malone and Stockton,