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NBA Fans Are Pissed Off Because Michael Jordan Is Going To Win ESPN's Greatest College Basketball Player Of All-Time Contest

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

NBA fans are anything but happy with ESPN and one of their last contests. The Twitter account of the platform recently started a new contest to decide the greatest college basketball player of all time. Plenty of huge names were included in their bracket, but there are only two now, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.

The voting is ending in one hour and MJ is about to win the tournament, which hasn’t made fans happy. Most of them say that honor belongs to the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was eliminated by Shaquille O’Neal in prior rounds. All that led to now, when Bird and MJ are head to head to win the contest. Michael is great, the greatest player of all time, but for fans, naming him the greatest college player ever is a little too far, more knowing the things Kareem did, as well as other stars like Magic Johnson.

In the NBA world, it’s hard to see fans actually agreeing on something, but it looks like this time people are convinced there were better candidates to take the honor. Well, that is what happens in a democracy. Some would say this or that deserves to win, but NBA Twitter picked Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, who is going to win the last matchup, as the best two college players in history.