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NBA Fans Are Trying To Recruit DeMarcus Cousins To Their Teams

NBA Fans Are Trying To Recruit DeMarcus Cousins To Their Teams

As soon as the Houston Rockets waived DeMarcus Cousins, NBA fans knew the race was on for him and it was going to be a very entertaining one. Even when people believed he was doing fine in Texas, the Rockets decided to cut him and now the big man is up for grabs.

As a free agent, he can sign with whatever team he wants, obviously, but fans are doing their part trying to recruit Boogie to their favorite clubs. In recent hours, the 30-year-old center shared a simple message on Twitter, using the eye emoji, which opened the door for NBA fans to make the case for their team and try to lure Cousins.

Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, and more were thrown in the mix, showing the interest that plenty of fans have to see DeMarcus defending their colors.

He has time to think about his decision, to reflect on what he wants to do in his career and what team offers him the best opportunities. Well, the Lakers have been linked with him in recent days, as well as the Golden State Warriors and the Heat. However, it's still early to predict where he's going to play next, especially with all the moves expected to happen on the upcoming trade deadline.

Boogie demonstrated this season that he can be helpful to any team in the league. Any contender could use him and increase their chances to win the NBA title. Time will tell how this situation is going to end but a lot of fans are dying to see Cousins playing for their teams.