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NBA Fans Argue About The Least Impressive MVP Season In NBA History: "D-Rose. Everyone Knows LeBron Should’ve Won it. He Literally Lost Because He Changed Teams."

NBA Fans Argue About The Least Impressive MVP Season In NBA History: "D-Rose. Everyone Knows LeBron Should’ve Won it. He Literally Lost Because He Changed Teams."

Derrick Rose's career in the NBA has been full of ups and downs. He was drafted using the first overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in the 2008 NBA Draft. Being the number one overall pick was the first hint that NBA franchises believed in Rose's talent.

Rose had a decent rookie year and took home the Rookie of the Year award. During his sophomore season in the league, Rose started to show true signs of dominance as his numbers improved across the box score.

Rose had the best season of his career in the 2010-11 NBA season. He blossomed into a superstar and ended up leading the Chicago Bulls to a record of 62-20 while finishing as the first seed over the Miami Heat superteam.

He was so dominant during that season that he ended up winning the MVP award. He became the youngest player to win the honor as well. But to this date, many argue that LeBron James should have won the MVP that season.

Speaking on the topic, an NBA fan on Reddit recently asked what some of the least impressive MVP seasons in the history of the league were. Among others, D-Rose's 2010-11 campaign came across several times.

attentionyou: I swear some of the people saying Jokic or Giannis are 13 years old and the only reason is because those are the MVPs they can remember lol.

TheOneWhosCensored: Bill Russell in 61-62. No disrespect to Bill, but he won because players liked him more than Wilt. Wilt put up 50.4 PPG and 25.7 RPG. Those numbers are just way to insane to not give an MVP to.

don_sook: Dave Cowens over KAJ in 1973 was an absolute joke.

YoungEmperorLBJ: Derrick Rose only won cuz everybody hated Lebron and Dwight was a center.

Spartacat18: Rose won because the league didn’t want to give one guy 10 mvps in a row and saw an opportunity to try and make a new star. He did have some insane highlights that year and i think the bulls were 1st in the east but everyone knew lebron was the “most valuable player.”

xJustChillin: D Rose hands down.

Defallon: D.Rose. Everyone knows LeBron should’ve won it, but “he left a bad organization for his friends! Omg he’s so bad!” He literally lost because he change teams.

No_Expert607: Might get hate for this, Derrick Rose.

Antifa-pfc: In my lifetime? Rose. Dude was maybe top 3 and certainly not 1 or 2.

twistedfantasy13: In the modern era 2000 on, I would say Russell Westbrook. He forced the triple double stat, it wasn't organic.

Bigbadbuck: It’s Derrick rose. He won putting up great not elite offensive stats on a team that won games through their defenses. Nash’s teams at least were offensively focused and many advanced plus minus stats painted him as a massive offensive force. Not close to the same for rose.

priuschic: I would say Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose is nowhere near LeBron James that year and LeBron proved it in the playoffs, soundly.

NBA fans certainly love Derrick Rose, and there are many reasons for it. But as far as it comes to winning the MVP award in the 2010-11 NBA season, the immense hate that the league had for James certainly helped his case.

Obviously, Rose played well, and he led the Bulls to the first seed over the Miami Heat. But when the two sides faced in the Eastern Conference Finals, it was clear that James was the better player between the two.