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NBA Fans Argue Who The Best No. 0 Is Right Now: "Best All-Around Game Would Be Russ. Dame And Tatum Not Even Close."

NBA Fans Argue Who The Best No. 0 Is Right Now: "Best All-Around Game Would Be Russ. Dame And Tatum Not Even Close."

Three elite-level superstars currently wear the number "0" in the NBA, and as with many other things, NBA fans have sought to compare and pick out who the best No. 0 is. Debates like these have no winners, as people love athletes for different reasons.

In this case, arguing a case against Russell Westbrook over Damian Lillard and Jayson Tatum should be a cakewalk, production-wise. It was recently revealed that Russ has been the best clutch performer in the NBA since the 2008-09 season.

Russ also has the most triple-double in NBA history with 187. As an all-around player, the Lakers point guard is miles ahead of his counterparts who wear 0 in the NBA.

Fans took to the social media platform Twitter to have their say in the conversation. It is no secret that Westbrook does not exactly have the love of NBA fans, but few kept their reservations aside.

All three players are exceptional talents, who have contributed immensely to the success of their teams. It is also worth noting that all three had horrible starts to the season but are slowly picking up the slack.

Jayson Tatum had struggled to shoot the ball effectively in the first few games. Coming into the season, he was expected to dominate because of the image of a bulkier Tatum that circulated the internet but he grossly underperformed. The 23-year-old has slowly started to get his groove back, scoring 30+ points in the Boston Celtics last four games.

Damian Lillard had similar struggles shooting the ball from beyond the arc. He shot 21.7% from deep in the first nine games of the season but is shooting 38.2% in the last seven games.

While we can't exactly say Brodie has made giant leaps in producing for the Lakers, one significant area of improvement that the purple and gold fans will be proud of is his improved ball protection. He has had 12 turnovers in his last four games, which is a big improvement from the Westbrook that registered a quadruple-double early in the season.