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NBA Fans Arguing On HoopsHype's 20 Greatest Point Guards Ranking List: "No Way Stephen Curry Is 4th"

NBA Fans Arguing On Hoopshype's 20 Greatest Point Guards Ranking List: 'No Way Stephen Curry Is 4th"

Over the years, the league has seen many players don the role of the floor general on the NBA court. But among them, there are point guards who are a notch above the rest.

The role of a point guard is very crucial for a team's success in the NBA. They are not only responsible for playmaking but also take care of scoring as well. Speaking of the best point guards the league has ever seen, HoopsHype created a list of 20 best players to play the position

It featured players like Jerry West to Stephen Curry and ranked them on the basis of votes received by numerous NBA fans. According to the list, here are the 20 greatest point guards to ever play in the NBA:

  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Oscar Roberston
  3. Jerry West
  4. Stephen Curry
  5. Isiah Thomas
  6. Chris Paul
  7. John Stockton
  8. Steve Nash
  9. Bob Cousy
  10. Jason Kidd
  11. Gary Payton
  12. Russell Westbrook
  13. Damian Lillard
  14. Walt Frazier
  15. Nate Archibald
  16. Pete Maravich
  17. Tony Parker
  18. Lenny Wilkens
  19. Kyrie Irving
  20. Dave Bing

While for the most part, the list seems accurate, there is one thing that stung the fans. It was seeing Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry ranked number 4. Curry is responsible for shaping modern-day basketball through his insane three-point shooting.

Many NBA players have been inspired by watching Steph's game and of course trying to incorporate that play style into their skill set.

NBA Central on Twitter shared the list made by HoopsHype and fans reacted to it. Here are some of the best reactions to the post:

It is quite evident that the fans weren't happy with Steph Curry being placed at #4. Although Magic Johnson deserves to be at the #1 spot, Curry could be bumped a place or two.

But then there's the argument that Curry is not a true point guard. He is more of a shooting guard due to his amazing shooting prowess. Additionally, Curry ranks a bit lower in terms of providing assists to his teammates. 

Apart from Curry being ranked low, a few fans were not happy seeing some of the older generation players being ranked higher than the likes of Chris Paul or Steve Nash. 

All things considered, the list might not be 100% accurate as it is obvious after seeing the fans' reactions. Maybe if it had Steph and CP3 ranked higher, fans would have loved it? But you can never be sure.