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NBA Fans Attack Wesley Matthews On Instagram: 'Please Go Away This Lakers... You're The Worst Shooter I've Ever Seen!'

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The Los Angeles Lakers have entered a very complex moment in the season after a series of bad results and the injuries that their two best plays suffered recently. The purple and gold aren't in a good position right now and that has started to worry fans.

After their 111-94 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Sunday, Lakers fans started panicking and they found a victim to vent their frustrations and concerns about the present and future of the team. Wesley Matthews was seen as a very good addition to the team in the offseason but the fans have changed their minds and they let him know in recent hours.

Matthews hasn't updated his Instagram account in two years but that wasn't a problem for Lakers fans, who went after him, calling him any type of name and asking him to leave the team before he ruins LeBron James' chances to win a 5th ring.

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This is definitely not good for the team. Matthews didn't have the best game against the Suns, shooting 0-of-5 from the field, including three missed 3-pointers and that appeared to be the perfect excuse to blast him. In 36 games this campaign, he's putting career-low numbers, including 4.2 points, 1.4 rebounds, and 1.0 assist.

The trade deadline is approaching and the Lakers are rumored to be planning to make some moves in the next couple of days. Montrezl Harrell and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could be leaving the team when that moment arrives but Matthews could join them if the front office feels it's the right move to make.