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NBA Fans Blast Brooklyn Nets For Playing “2K Basketball”: ‘Wtf Am I Watching, This Really NBA Basketball?'

NBA Fans Blast Brooklyn Nets For Playing “2K Basketall”: ‘Wtf Am I Watching, This Really NBA Basketball?'

The Brooklyn Nets are a team that has been ravaged by injuries and issues off the court. What looked like a season that could finally bring them to the elusive NBA title has quickly turned into something of a nightmare as they are on a 9-game losing skid that has seen them fall into the 8th seed spot in the Eastern Conference. Their stars have all been out in recent games, and that has led to some truly poor play from Steve Nash's players. 

James Harden has been out with hamstring soreness as rumors over a potential trade to the Philadelphia 76ers continue to swirl, while Kevin Durant picked up an injury that would see him miss roughly 6 weeks in January. Kyrie Irving's vaccine stance means that he is ineligible for home games, which meant he was unable to play against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night in a must-win game. Instead, the Nets got blown out and one play, in particular, had NBA fans on Twitter destroying the team's poor play. 

Moche: "Might’ve been the worst offensive possession I’ve ever seen."

manateeking: "Wtf am I watching, this really NBA basketball?"

Sicksteen: "Not the left-right cheese lmao."

Mike The Ace: "Cuz pulled out the Zig Zag."

Dom: "This really is how people play in 2K lol."

Horsey: "2k gonna shape the NBA like college shape the NFL."

24Ree: "Bro need to get waived ASAP."

DurantPullup: "I literally screamed “are you f***ing kidding me” last night when this happened."

97Mere: "Man was doing the left-right cheese."

BilboEU: "Dude's out here grinding shooting badges."

James: "Steve Nash masterclass, fire Nash, man."

OceanDeep: "This how dumb it looks lol and exactly why I can’t play like this. I’m good."

deerahrah: "That sequence was funny af."

With their Big 3 missing against the Celtics, the Nets got off to an unbelievably bad start, going down 28-2 with the offense showing next to no signs of life. The eventual loss has seen Brooklyn fall to a 29-25 record, and things aren't looking up for them any time soon. The organization will be hoping that they can get healthy again and sneak into the playoffs, which might be their best bet for any success this season.