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NBA Fans Blast Stephen Curry After Missing Two Play-In Games: 'He Had 2 Games To Win 1, And Didn’t Win Any... Give Stephen Curry The Same Treatment You’d Give Russell Westbrook..."


Stephen Curry couldn't get the job done in the play-in tournament and his Golden State Warriors were eliminated from playoffs contention at the hands of the Memphis Grizzlies. 

After losing to the Lakers on Wednesday, and the Grizzlies on Friday, the Warriors saw their season finished with a thriller that included Steph dropping 39 points. Unfortunately, that wasn't good enough for the Dubs and they'll have to wait until next season to see if they can compete like they used to. 

With Curry missing a big chance to take his team to the big party, many people took to social media to call him. NBA fans said he deserved the same treatment as other stars, blasted his performance and more. 

It was an excellent season for Curry, who was supposed to get exposed this campaign. Instead, the superstar took his game to the next level and recorded a MVP-caliber season. As a result, he's one of the three finalists to win the MVP award, even though nobody thinks he'll actually win it. 

Steph has become one of the most disrespected stars in the league, even after all the great things he's done for the game. However, the last two games, he turned the ball over a lot and that certainly hurt him and his team's chances to face one of the Phoenix Suns or Utah Jazz. 

He assured people that the Warriors will be a threat next year and nobody would like to face them when they have Klay Thompson back and some draft picks that could enhance their level. 

"It just didn't go our way, I don't how many different ways to say it, it was a special year all things considered," Curry told reporters after Friday's 117-112 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies in the play-in tournament. "And a new experience for me, Draymond and Loon, try to make the most of it. Come back, bottle this up, everybody make the right strides, take advantage of the summer and you don't want to see us next year."

A very good season came to an end for the Dubs. Curry tried to avoid this situation but several factors made him play two extra games for a spot in the playoffs. The Warriors were eliminated but this man vowed that his team will be better next year.