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NBA Fans Blast Zion Williamson For Being Overweight

NBA Fans Blast Zion Williamson For Being Overweight

Williamson's fitness has always been a big concern around the NBA community but as soon as the New Orleans Pelicans rookie sensation debuted in the league, things change. He was doing his thing, dunking the ball here and there, shooting from 3 and more. Everything looked great for him before the hiatus, but now, at the bubble, things are very different for Williamson.

The Pelicans have restricted his minutes of play, leaving him only 29 minutes on the court in two games. As things stand now, that won't be changing shortly since Zion's fitness is once again the biggest topic around the 20-year-old. Besides his ailments, Williamson isn't in the best shape and fans have noticed that. It was reported Zion had gained '25 pounds' during the hiatus but that doesn't seem to be true.

He had the chance to talk about his minute's restrictions, explaining it's not easy for him but that doesn't frustrate him because that would hurt the team.

“It’s very tough, to be honest, because as soon as I start to break that sweat, I look over and that horn is for me and I have to come out the game,” Williamson said Sunday. “Also, when I do catch the flow of the game, like I said, that horn goes off and it’s for me.”

He is still young, his career has just started and he shows he can do big things in the association. Some fans claim is better for the Pelicans to reserve Zion until next season. Their schedule gets better from now on but several people believe their playoffs chances are pretty much gone.