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NBA Fans Call Out Andre Drummond After Incredible Goaltending: "Basketball IQ: -67"


Andre Drummond is quickly becoming a villain for the Los Angeles Lakers after he landed in the Staples Center as the team's savior in the absence of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. 

Clearly, that hasn't happened, and the big man is getting more and more criticism by the day thanks to his poor performances and the way he plays at certain moments of the game. On Thursday, the Lakers were destroyed by the Los Angeles Clippers, and Drummond starred in a very curious play that granted the Clips two points. 

When Paul George attempted a mid-range, the ball didn't even touch the rim. Andre made sure nobody else was getting it, which resulted in goaltending. 

This didn't sit well with fans, who didn't hesitate to crucifix Drummond for a very easy play that cost his team two points. Some tried to explain what he really thought at that moment, and the rest just made fun of him and his antics. 

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The Lakers aren't living a very good moment right now and they're still in danger of getting to the play-in tournament. A season that started with plenty of expectations for them has become a complete nightmare for Frank Vogel and his pupils. 

They need to step up before it's too late, and these mistakes shouldn't happen now that they're looking to reach the postseason without playing extra games.