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NBA Fans Call Out Dennis Schroder For A Strange Comment On Montrezl Harrell’s IG Post About His Grandmother

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Dennis Schroder earned a lot of criticism in recent hours after posting a bizarre message on Lakers teammate Montrezl Harrell's Instagram post talking about his late mother. 

Harrell took to social media to share a special message for his late grandma, but that wasn't the reason why the post was so big on Sunday. 

"Everyday I struggle with you not being here. Everyday is a hard task not to just pick up the phone and wanna hear you just laugh or make a joke. MA I miss you more then you can imagine and even tho I wanna ask the question of why you not here today with me. It’s because god needed you closer to him, I Love You So much Ma and miss you. Rest easy with the man upstairs until we meet again my number 1 lady my heart, soul, my EVERYTHING! Happy Mother’s Day Ma!"

Little he knew that Schroder was going to drop by to leave a comment that didn't sit well with anybody around the league. 

"That's tuff," the Los Angeles Lakers point guard commented, which obviously granted him a lot of bad comments. Fans went off on him, of course. 

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People kept commenting, showing their support to Harrell and Dennis's comments is still up. He surely didn't mean any bad intention with his comment. Still, those emojis and words don't make things easy for anybody. 

This shouldn't create any issue between the players, but Dennis needs to pick his words more wisely next time. The Lakers are still trying to make it to the postseason without getting through the play-in tournament, and a fight between two of their best players wouldn't help them achieve their goals.