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NBA Fans Call Out Kyle Kuzma After He Wanted To Give Them Free 5 PS5

Kyle Kuzma Has Car Stolen, Crashed In High-Speed Car Choice

Credit: Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma has been under fire throughout this whole year, after a disappointing individual season for him. The young player was expected to become the third star on the Los Angeles Lakers roster behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis but none of that happened.

He had a couple of flashes before and during the bubble, but nothing else. Kuz has been criticized by Lakers fans in recent times, with the majority asking the team to trade him and land another star.

The hate towards Kuzma is so big that not even a PS5 giveaway could get him some love from the fans. Kuz recently took to Twitter to announce he had five Playstations 5, asking people who wanted them, explaining he was going to pick five winners from the retweets.

Well, a lot of people replied to the tweet; while some called him out and stated they preferred the team to trade him, others acted like they were fans of Kuzma but clearly only wanted to get the new generation console and nothing else.

Kuz hasn't been a fan favorite and that doesn't seem to change unless he reaches the next level this upcoming season. He still can improve his game and seeing the teammates he has on the team, Kuz can surprise a lot of people. Until that time comes, though, he will keep getting criticized by fans and not even a longed-for PS5 will make them change their minds.